Test Instructions of the computerized dynamic assessment of inferential skills in listening comprehension

Please read the following instructions carefully before taking the test.
1. Please complete your personal information on the opening page, such as name, age, and sex.
2. There are 20 items in the test, five options offered for each of them. An audio file accompanies each item, approximately 30 seconds long. You can listen twice to each audio file, then select one of the five alternatives.
3. If you don't respond to test items correctly, several hints appear on the screen about trying other alternatives.
4. Please don't try to guess the correct answer; because right after an item has been answered correctly in your first attempt, a guess-checking question pops up, asking, "Why did you choose this option?". Afterward, two alternatives appear on the screen, one offering the correct explanation and one delivering the wrong one.

Good luck!

I read the instructions carefully.